The David Schneider Memorial Plenary


Welcome to the David Schneider Memorial Plenary
Peter Redfield (UNC Chapel Hill)

The Photoethnographer’s Eye: On Picture-Making, Fieldwork, and the Indecisive Moment
Jason De Leon (University of Michigan)

Since 2015, I have been researching the lives of Honduran smugglers crossing Mexico. Using Szarkowski’s five elements of photography (subject, detail, time, frame, vantage point), in this presentation I explore the relationship among photoethnographic practice and the ethics of representation. I argue that the details of image making cannot be separated from either the messiness of culture or the awkwardness of participant observation.

Era Un Lunes (It Was a Monday)
Eduardo Kohn & Lisa Stevenson (McGill University)

In 2016, seventeen Colombian refugee claimants living in Quito, Ecuador came together to make an experimental ethnographic theatre piece about their lives. Era un Lunes is an excerpt from the film we are making about this.

Ethnographic Sci-Fi on Time and Labor at Sea
Stephanie Spray (University of Colorado)

Edge of Time is a feature-length film that brings to light the invisible labor, and mechanical apparatus, critical to the production of scientific knowledge, in this case the labor and machinery of the JOIDES Resolution on Expedition 363 to the Western Pacific Warm Pool. Shot over ten weeks at sea in 2016, the film is a work of ethnographic sci-fi that speculatively frames the world of the ship as a city at sea to engage with ideas of time and utopia.

Presenters in Conversation
Moderated by Anand Pandian (Johns Hopkins University)