The Body Online Lab: Digital Displacements

The Body Online Lab: Digital Displacements

Introduction to The Body Online Research Lab
Kristin Bright (University of Toronto)

One of our foci in the Body Online Lab is to consider software apps and microblogging platforms in the expression of ideas—both normalizing and disruptive—about the health, wellness, and identity of North American bodies. From food bloggers to anti-violence activists, what do users produce or displace in terms of projects of self making, health making, intimacy, capitalism, or biopolitics? What new political or epistemological possibilities emerge? This panel takes a critical and playful look at the expression of a diverse range of bodily persuasions, representations, and attempted interventions in the intimate and fleshly.

Beyond Food Aesthetics: Food Blogging and the Production of Authorial and Entrepreneurial Selves, Tyentyen Chen (University of Toronto)

Microblogging and Mental Health: Affect: Personhood, and the Politics of Care on Tumblr, Katrina Elmsley (University of Toronto)

YouTube’s Vloggers: Millennials and Their Online Gurus, Natasha Cuneo (University of Toronto)

#Enhancement, Samara Blakeney (University of Toronto)

#AfroLatino, #Blatino: Hashtags and the Materialization of Identity, Modele Kuforiji (University of Toronto)

The Information Superhighway, of Tears, Neha Parvez (University of Toronto)

Breaking the Mental Health Stigma: Instagram and Multisensorial Expression, Shiaoshiao Chen (University of Toronto)