Labor Times: Displacement and Temporality of Work

Labor Times: Displacement and Temporality of Work

The Work of Vigilance: On Sentience, Military Patrols, and the Ethos of Nervous Watching in Paris, France
Robert Desjarlais (Sarah Lawrence College)

This photo essay inquires into forms of vigilance, nervous watching, and military operations in Paris, France. In attending to dynamics of everyday perception in the city, including government-sponsored counter-terrorism programs such as Plan Vigipirate and Opération Sentinelle, the author contends that a diffuse, multidimensional and double-edged “ethos of vigilance” is at work in the lives, concerns, spaces, temporalities, and urban sensoriums of Paris.

A Familiar Community of Sales and the Labor of Return
Nick Bartlett (Barnard College)

The City of Displaced Waste: Labors of Rubbish Removal in Singapore
Lyle Fearnley (Singapore University of Technology and Design)

Singapore is renowned for being clean; perhaps better known for cleanliness, then for any attraction or landmark. This paper explores the socio-technical processes of cleaning that have made Singapore into the ‘cleanest city in Asia.’ I track how the displacement of waste from the city–today to an offshore landfill–intersects with the displacement of the cleaning workers that collect and dispose of refuse.

Shifting Sands: Displacements and Visions of Freedom in a Mexican Tourist Town
Paul Reade (University of Bern)

Tourism creates and depends on an entanglement of temporary and permanent displacements; at the same time it manipulates and projects dreams of freedom. This project looks at visions of freedom at “La Punta” on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico. Peasants formed the community in the 1980s. At the same time tourism began to grow, first with surfers and backpackers, and now with retiree communities. The project explores the tensions and contradictions of those who wish to escape capitalism, those who wish not to be crushed and exploited by it, those who revel in its excess, and those who salvage a life at the fringes.

Precarity and Politics of Care in Chile’s Grape-Export Industry
Jelena Radovic-Fanta (Governors State University)

For over forty years, laborers in the Chile’s Aconcagua Valley have subsidized a grape-export industry with their health and precarious labor. Temporeras—seasonal female workers—pick grapes in the summer and scramble to make ends meet during winter. This video presentation follows temporeras through vineyards, packing plants, and public spaces. When the harvest season ends, women clean homes, sell baked goods in the streets, and work in ski resorts. Displacement also take place in the national imaginary as workers embody a vulnerable and contingent workforce. The presentation reveals how sociality and politics of care forge endurance in light of displacement.