Displacements of Method: The Collaborative Lab as Generative Space


The Best, Concordia Podcast: Promoting a New Generation of Public Intellectuals
Anne-Marie Turcotte, Cassandre Chatonnier, John Bryans, Kris Millett & Pauline Hoebanx (Concordia University)

Finding, Fueling, and Framing Displacements: Stories from the Participatory Media Lab
Mitra Emad & David Syring (University of Minnesota)

We introduce the Participatory Media Lab@UMD as we displace the notion of “laboratory.” As cultural anthropologists we integrate visual literacy and participatory media production into our work. Through digital storytelling and other media we create a “laboratory ethos” in our research and in teaching undergraduate anthropology courses. Our goal is an educational culture oriented towards student creativity, openness to experimentation, and engagement with communities beyond the university. We tour viewers through the actual lab space, as well as excerpts of the visual spaces (digital stories, public ethnography, participatory video) made by students and ourselves in collaboration with our communities.

Hosting the Platform for Experimental, Collaborative Ethnography
Kim & Mike Fortun (UCI); Lindsay Poirier, Alli Morgan, Brian Callahan, Brandon Costelloe-Kuehn (RPI); Alison Kenner (Drexel); Brad Fidler (Stevens); Aalok Khandekar (IIT)

A tour of the Platform for Experimental, Collaborative Ethnography (PECE). PECE’s “design logics” translate critical theoretical commitments (to perspectival multiplicity, and the work of différance, for example) into digital terms. We describe PECE’s architecture, functionality, and “design logics,” demonstrating how they work in various instances of the platform. The Asthma Files supports an ethnographic research collective focused on environmental public health, hosting projects such as “6+ Cities Air Pollution Governance Styles,” with collaborating research groups in eleven cities.

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